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AC Drives

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An AC Drives is a device that controls motor speed by converting DC to AC. It can be used to alter energy from naturally renewable sources such as the sun, tides or wind and transmitting it for local consumption or to an electrical network. The need to conserve energy to save the environment is the key driver in developing speed control devices. Therefore, AC drives provide the ideal method in controlling electrical motor speed to equal the load demand.

Industrial Megamart now offers you variety of AC drives online at affordable prices. It is the only online shop you’ll find the best AC drives from the best brands in the market. There are five types of AC Drives segmented by their size which includes:

    1. Microdrives control a fraction of a kilowatt to five kilowatts
    2. Low-End drives control motors of 5 to 40 kilowatt
    3. Midrange drives control motors of 41 to 200 kilowatts
    4. High-End drives control motors of 201 to 600 kilowatts
    5. Mega drives control motors exceeding 600 kilowatts

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An Extensive Collection to Choose From

It controls the speed of an electric motor in an energy efficient way. This efficiency helps in a variety of ways such as:

      1. Optimizing the operations of different applications relying on electrical motors
      2. Decreasing mechanical stress when using motor control applications
      3. Enhancing process control
      4. Efficiently generating energy and reduce energy usage

If you shop right now, you’ll be buying the best quality AC drives from reputable brands such as Allen-Bradley, Delta, and Schneider.

How to select an AC Drive?

It would be best if you considered the following factors when selecting an AC drive:

        1. The power elements of the application
        2. Type of motor used in the application
        3. Type of motor feedback
        4. Interface needs of the application
        5. Safety features needed by the drive
        6. Environmental conditions

Why you should Purchase an AC Drive Online?

Have you been trying to purchase an AC drive online? Look no further because we give you all the varieties in one roof? Here’s why you should buy one online:

          1. Emerging economies are pushing for the increase in energy consumption
          2. 20% of the world’s energy consumption is electrical
          3. Electrical motors consume 40% of electrical energy
          4. Fans and pumps use 75% of AC drives
          5. The global energy consumption could be reduced by 10% with the proper application of AC drives

Shocking Deals and Rates

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Brands available on Industrial Megamart

We are the one stop shop for the most exceptional ac drives from the best brands in the world.

Top Brands: Allen-Bradley, Delta, and Schneider.

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