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An encoder is a communication device which controls the motion of an operating device. They’ll help you in determining the position or speed, of moving equipment or motor. They convert the motion to an electrical signal which can be read by control devices in motion control systems like counter or PLC.
These feedback signals can be used to determine the speed, position, or direction. Control devices can use this information by sending a command to a particular function. We offer you a variety of encoders online at affordable prices. 

Different Types of Encoders include:

  1. Incremental Rotary
  2. Optical
  3. Position
  4. Industrial
  5. Autonics Encoders

Moreover, the best thing is that you get to purchase them at a wholesale price only at this online shop. However, make sure you select the optimum model with the correct specifications and configurations before making a purchase. With the vast variety of encoders available online, be sure to find the best-quality with your required settings.

A wide variety you can choose from

An encoder merely is a sensing or communications device that gives feedback. They are used in different kinds of industries:

  1. They provide motion feedback to robots on automated assembly lines. The robotic welding arms have the right information in welding the correct locations.
  2. In the filling up of jars and bottles, the application provides feedback telling the filling machines the container’s position.
  3. In an observatory, they tell actuators where the location of a movable mirror is, through the provision of positioning feedback.
  4. The military use them in the application of positioning antennas.
  5.  In the industries, they are used to label, pack and machine tooling by multi-axis and single motor controllers.
  6. Scientific equipment uses them to position an observatory telescope.
  7. Medically, they are used in medical scanners, nanosomic motion control of dispensing pumps and automated devices and many other uses and application.

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Tips to Buy an Encoder Online

Selecting an encoder that requires a motion system depends on the accuracy need of the application, whether its velocity or position control. Before buying one, consider the following tips that include:

  1. Audible noise
  2. Speed stability
  3. Power loss
  4. Positioning Accuracy
  5. Bandwidth.

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