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Liquids or gases are used in almost all the process and plant engineering fields. For example for lubricant and coolant supply of power and plant units or ventilation of buildings and installations. Flow sensors are used to prevent downtime or damage caused by flow interruptions. Different measuring principles monitors varied types of media such as water, coolants, compressed air or aggressive media.

Their application measures simple monitoring tasks and precise flow measurement. Flow sensors measure quantities of liquids, steam or gas. Industrial Megamart now offers you a variety of flow sensors online. We are the one stop shop for the best flow sensors which include:

  1. Positive displacement flow sensors
  2. Inferential flow sensor
  3. Velocity flow sensors
  4. Mass flow sensors

Moreover, the best part is, you get to purchase them at a competitive market price you won’t find anywhere else apart from Industrial Megamart.

A Wide Variety of Flow Sensors to Choose From

They are very reliable devices that determine flow rates. They can be used in a variety of applications in biomedical or industrial flow sensors. They can give you the correct flow measurement with high accurate readings. Some of the other forms are:

    1. Food processes- monitoring chemical flow, effluents, treated wastewater
    2. Water Management- monitoring pumps, sewage, and wastewater recycling
    3. Power and Energy- water treatment plant, cooling water flow, diesel and other oils
    4. Agriculture- water use and irrigation and greenhouse heating
    5. Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Heating- maintaining utility efficiency and energy
    6. Mining Industry- fuel and lubricant use, water use, sludge, and slurry monitoring

Tips to Buy Flow Sensor Online

When it comes to buying flow meters online in India, there’s no one size fits all solution. It mainly depends on the type of industry you are in and what flow the sensors will measure.

Before you buy one, there are vital questions you need to ask yourself. They are:

      1. What fluid is measured?
      2. Do you require totalization and rate measurement?
      3. What is the viscosity of the liquid if it’s not water?
      4. What is the maximum and minimum flow rate?
      5. What is the maximum and minimum process pressure?
      6. Is there chemical compatibility of the fluid with flow meter wetted parts?
      7. What is the pipe size if this is a process application?

Why you should Purchase Flow Sensor Online?

Have you been trying to buy flow sensors online without success? Worry not because you've come to the right place. We understand that looking for a mixture of quality and affordability can be a tiring, time-consuming process. That’s why we have a variety, and the best part is that they’ re all under one roof!

You’ll be provided with the advantages of buying a variety at unbeatable prices. They are the best quality products from the best dealers in India such as Omron, Balluff, IFM, and Sick flow sensor.

Surprising Deals of the Best Flow Sensors

Having a significant presence in many cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. You will find your desired brands all in one roof from trusted, reliable flow sensor distributors. You can procure them from reputable dealers in India. Don’t miss out on the eye-catching deals that pop up now and then with all the items. You don’t have to worry about quality as we source from distributors that know the best. If you purchase flow sensors online at Industrial Megamart, you’ll experience easiness in shopping. Moreover, you’ll get the best from the reputable brands like Omron, Balluff, IFM and Sick flow sensor price that’s pocket-friendly.  

Brands available on Industrial Megamart

We are the one stop shop for the most exceptional flow sensor from the best brands in the world.

Top Brands: Omron, Balluff, IFM and Sick Fow Sensor.

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